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Scientific Evaluation Of Economic And Financial Issues: Theory and Practice
Institutional Economics and Economic Crises
Reflections of Nuclear Energy Consumption on Economic Growth a Panel Data Analysis
Defending Democracy Against Autocracy: Income – Consumption Relationship According to the “Polity V” Assessment
Did Global Financial Crisis Change the Emerging Economies’ Convergence Clubs?
Steering the Natural Gas Markets by Economic Policies: Is There Any Policy Issue in Turkish Gas Market?
Are Shocks to Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries Permanent or Temporary?
Determinants of Renewable Energy Use in Energy-Importing Emerging Economies
Unemployment Hysteresis from Historical Perspective
Workers’ Remittances and Investment: A Case Study for South Asian Economies
Testing The Purchase Power Parity Hypothesis for G7 Countries
Causal Linkages Between Financial Development and Income Inequality
The Environmental Performance of EU Countries and Turkey: Evidence from Multiple Criteria Decision-Making Tools
Comparison of the Economic Performances of New Industrialized Countries with Improved Entropy Based TOPSIS Method
Firm-Related Characteristics, Regional Factors and Female Employment in Turkey
Testing the Twin Deficit Hypothesis and Asymmetric Causality for Fragile Five Countries Using a Nonlinear Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model
How Turkish Firms Choose Currency Invoicing in International Trade
The Role of Gender in the Effect of Employment on Divorce: Dynamic Panel Data Analysis
Approaches of Defence Industry Companies to Cooperation with Army and Universities in Turkey
The Short and Long-Run Effects of Developments in the Logistics Sector on Economic Growth in Turkey
The Impact of the Covid-19 New Cases and Quarantine Restrictions on Unemployment Rate in G7 Countries
How Does the Space Impact Voting Behaviour? An Analysis from Turkish General Elections
The Impact of Crude Oil Prices on Exchange Rate in Turkey
Risk Spillovers from Uncertainty Index to Major Cryptocurrencies
Changing Employment Patterns under Neoliberal Economic Policies: An Overlook of the Labor Statistics, 2015
Evaluation of Foreign Trade Analysis of Turkey and European Union Countries with Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Methods
Behavioural Finance Biases and Temperament-Character Traits Relationship
Adaptive Market Hypothesis: An Overview
Is There Holy Day Effect on Stock Market Returns? Evidence from Borsa Istanbul
Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions Policies in the EU Effective? An Empirical Research on Major Transport Modes
Analysis of the Effect of Working Capital Management on Firm Performance in Turkish Manufacturing Sector
Evaluating Financial Performance of Iraqi Banks: A CAMELS Analysis
Digital Currency Transformation of Central Banks: The Case of Turkey
What Drives the Non-Performing Loan Rates of Islamic and Conventional Banks? A Comparative Analysis Based on Panel Regression
Does CO2 Emissions Differ According to Ship Type?
Dynamic Transmissions Between Oil Specific Shocks and Financial Stress: Evidence from the Euro Area
The Responsiveness of Tax Revenue to Economic Growth in Turkey
Relation of International Migration and Foreign Direct Investment: Example of Turkey

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